QUADRANT INTERACT™ is a proven simulated ATC environment delivering elevated pilot training, improved training efficiency and enhanced operational safety for airlines and flight training providers.

Flight crews using INTERACT can be fully embedded with real-time dynamic other traffic and automated ATC, delivering an unparalleled synthetic environment for scenario-based training. INTERACT supports realistic crew workloads and the development of core pilot competencies, including situational awareness and communication. Incorporating artificial intelligence, speech recognition and synthesis technologies, INTERACT delivers the next generation of environment simulation for all types of flight simulator and across all pilot training programmes.

Trial Progress

Using Quadrant INTERACT™ in Training

March 2018 (3:06) – Watch our recent trial progress using Quadrant INTERACT™ – a fully automated Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) for professional flight simulation training devices (FSTDs).

Experiencing INTERACT

Interview with AFTA Cadets & Graduates

March 2018 (2:53) – Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA). Recent graduate Hayley Scannell and cadet Shaun Williams comment on their experience of using Quadrant INTERACT™ SATCE on an MPS B737-800W flight simulator.

Benefits of INTERACT

Benefits for Airlines and Training Providers

August 2016 (4:32) – An executive summary of the benefits for airlines and flight training organisations of incorporating INTERACT into flight simulator training programmes.

FFS Proof of Concept

FFS Arrival Training Scenario with Go Around

August 2016 (6:12) – An approach training scenario is demonstrated with INTERACT integrated with a Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator (FFS). An experienced flight crew are faced with a go-around (GA) training event on final approach in to London Heathrow.

Departure Sequence LHR

Departure Scenario from LHR Runway 09R

March 2018 (7:10) – This video follows a departure sequence from London Heathrow using Quadrant INTERACT™ to simulate the ATC and traffic environment in a B737 NG FSTD. It demonstrates INTERACT in multi-crew training, and how a fully automated SATCE solution can be used alongside instruction.

Interact subsystem diagram


INTERACT delivers a higher fidelity flight simulation training experience. Correct radio operation and ATC communications are necessary. Other traffic can deliver potential threats, additional complexity and distraction – contributing to higher and more realistic crew workloads.


With INTERACT’s higher level of realism, operators can transfer a greater proportion of training from aircraft to simulator. Improved crew performance in key areas such as communication, workload management, and situational awareness can further enhance operational efficiency.


More effective, realistic synthetic flight training using INTERACT can help build resilience, in turn helping to underpin flight safety for air carriers. INTERACT can support scenarios designed around data from line operations, focussing training on key areas that can enhance operational safety.


With INTERACT, the ownship and other traffic can share the same flight paths and ground routes in real time. This facilitates a truly immersive experience, where the challenges and complexity of real-world operations can be replicated in flight training scenarios.


INTERACT simulated ATC procedures and phraseology can be tailored to the fidelity required to meet training objectives. Other traffic intensity and routing is also highly configurable, which can be designed and controlled to support training most effectively.


The instructor no longer needs to role-play ATC and is free to focus on flight crew observation and training to improve training efficiency. Designed around the instructor role, INTERACT offers new controls, tools and data that benefit training delivery and debriefing.


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