Enhanced Training
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QUADRANT INTERACT™ is a pilot training tool that delivers a Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE) solution for any Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD).
INTERACT delivers a flexible, dynamic and interactive simulated virtual environment for FSTDs that includes real-time other traffic and automated ATC services. Along with the visual scene and weather, INTERACT can be seen as the ‘missing link’ that completes the external environment simulation. This training technology delivers realistic crew workloads and supports the development of core pilot competences, including situational awareness and communication.
Easily configurable and designed to allow customisation, INTERACT can be used to meet specific training requirements for diverse end users whilst creating a tailored training environment.


IMPLEMENTING INTERACT for Professional Flight Training

October 2017 – Recent progress with Quadrant Group’s development of INTERACT including footage from Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) using a Multi-Pilot Simulations (MPS) high-fidelity fixed-base device in flight training.

QUADRANT INTERACT™ – Benefits for Airlines and Training Providers

August 2016 – An executive summary of the benefits for airlines and flight training organisations of incorporating INTERACT in flight simulator training.

QUADRANT INTERACT™ – Arrival Training Scenario – with Go-Around

August 2016 – An approach training scenario is demonstrated with INTERACT integrated with a Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) involving an instructor and two flight crew. The crew are also faced with an augmented go-around (GA) training event on final approach in to London Heathrow.

QUADRANT INTERACT™ – Departure Training Scenario with Runway Incursion

August 2016 – Using a demonstration device, this video shows INTERACT’s automated ATC providing departure, pushback, taxi, and take-off clearances at London Heathrow. A runway incursion has been primed to add an external threat for the trainee flight crew during take-off roll.

“Once simulated ATC environment has been introduced and validated, the benefits will be highly advantageous to all subsequent advanced training.”

ICAO DOC 9625 4th Ed 2015


ATC Simulation

INTERACT simulates multiple ATC services and associated radio communications to other traffic and the ownship using innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and text-to-speech (TTS) technology. Accent-tolerant advanced speech recognition (SR) technology is used to automate radio communications between ATC and the ownship. INTERACT can also include the simulation of ATC-ownship data link communications.

Instructor Role and Tools

This technology frees the instructor from role-playing ATC, to more effectively to observe and train the flight crew. INTERACT has been designed with the instructor in mind. It provides new tools for the instructor to use both in the simulator training session and the subsequent debrief.

Dynamic Interaction

When INTERACT is active, ownship and other traffic sharing the same flight paths and ground routings in real time. This allows threats from other traffic to the ownship to be simulated, such as an aircraft ahead of the ownship. The behaviour of the ownship may perturb other traffic and vice versa, changing ATC decisions affecting instructions and clearances.

Other Traffic Simulation

INTERACT can simulate real-world traffic, or other traffic intensity and patterns when these are more appropriate for the training requirement.