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1 MAY 2019

FlightSafety International and Quadrant Group successfully complete SATCE demonstration

FlightSafety International and Quadrant Group have successfully completed a demonstration of the Quadrant INTERACT™ Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) solution on a FlightSafety simulator.

Based upon these initial results, Quadrant and FlightSafety will collaborate on further engineering and development activity, with a view to making Quadrant INTERACT™ available across FlightSafety’s world-leading advanced training equipment.

Scott Goodwin, Vice President, Simulation, said: “We are pleased to be working with Quadrant on the integration of SATCE into our simulation products. This realistic, dynamic, tailorable air traffic control environment will further enhance the effectiveness of simulator training.”

Stephen Williams, Quadrant Group Board Director responsible for INTERACT, said: “This very important milestone demonstrates our joint ability to offer Quadrant INTERACT™ to customers who choose the FlightSafety platform. Quadrant remains committed to supporting this exciting collaboration.”

29 APRIL 2019

Quadrant INTERACT™ SATCE is available on the MPS simulator platform

Quadrant Group and MPS are pleased to jointly announce that Quadrant INTERACT™, Quadrant’s proven Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) solution, is now available on MPS’ class-leading FTD platform. This combination of technologies delivers unparalleled benefits for airlines and other pilot training organisations who are looking for both innovative and cost-effective solutions to improve training quality.

Philip Adrian, CEO of MPS, said: “In the continuous drive to add innovation and functionality to the MPS devices, the partnership with Quadrant to incorporate Simulated ATC Environment is another step forward to ensure that the MPS Fixed Base Simulators continue to deliver maximum training value for our customers.

Stephen Williams, Quadrant Group Board Director responsible for INTERACT, added: “Working together with MPS has enabled Quadrant Group to prove that its SATCE solution adds value in pilot training. Quadrant are now working with airlines and ATOs to incorporate INTERACT into their training on existing and planned MPS devices. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with MPS.


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