Quadrant Group is uniquely placed to deliver and support SATCE to pilot training organisations worldwide.

Quadrant Group has competencies in ATC simulation and flight simulator engineering – a unique and ideal skills mix in the flight training industry for the development and implementation of SATCE. Each member of the Quadrant Group adds significant key skills, expertise and experience necessary to develop, integrate and support our SATCE solution, Quadrant INTERACT™.

With offices in the UK and USA, and a successful track record of delivering projects globally, Quadrant has the reach and infrastructure to deliver and support multiple organisations across multiple locations using INTERACT for their SATCE solution.


Quadrant Group’s mix of skills, experience and expertise sets it apart as the organisation capable and competent to provide the leading SATCE solution to the flight training industry. For further information on the Quadrant Group please see http://www.quadrantgrp.com/

The Group includes Micro Nav Ltd, a company based in Bournemouth, UK, which has over 30 years of successful leadership in ATC simulation and training systems. Much of the air traffic management software development for INTERACT takes place in Bournemouth benefitting from Micro Nav’s ATC experience and simulation expertise. Across multiple UK locations, the Group also delivers flight simulator services for both civilian and military end users.

Micro Nav Limited

Micro Nav leads on research, development and testing in some of the key technologies associated with INTERACT – including speech recognition (SR) and artificial intelligence (AI). For example, the simulation of other traffic and the air traffic management (ATM) of all synthetic entities in the training environment, has been successfully developed by Micro Nav.

Quadrant Simulation Systems Limited

Quadrant Simulation Systems Limited (QSSL) provides expertise and leads on FSTD systems integration and engineering for INTERACT. INTERACT benefits from proprietary systems integration technology developed by QSSL, that will dramatically reduce the amount of effort and time required for integration.

QSSL has developed a unique product, NUQLEUS, to facilitate flight simulator subsystem integration and updates. This plays a key part in optimising the integration of INTERACT. Basic SATCE functionality necessitates integration with simulator host, visual, IOS and communication systems. The ease of system integration is expected to be a key differentiator with both manufacturers of new build devices and for updates that include INTERACT on fielded simulators.


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